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Yoga Therapy

Do you suffer from back pain, neck & shoulder pain or sciatica to name a few....

Do you wake up feeling too much stiffness in your body?

Do you experience frequent migraines and tension due to stress?

Yoga therapy is a very effective therapy to help releasing tension from areas of your body to get rid of pain and inflammation. 

A yoga therapy session is a private session where you will be taught how to release tension from muscles and fascia in order to release pain. 

Depending on the ailment, one or few session will be required for you to be able to learn the right movements and stretches according to the specific condition.

It is a wonderful tool to learn in order to be able to practice each day and keep the body supple and pain free

Yoga with Props

Yoga therapy sessions are available each morning at the yoga studio 

Please contact the email below for information

Yoga therapy:

1 session : 1,500baht

3 sessions; 4,000 baht

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