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Healthy & Light

This 7 days meal plan provides a balanced nutrition with a combination of carbs & proteins which is filling but light.

Meal combination include wholegrains, vegetables & vegan protein with light dressings.

Meals are a combination of cooked dishes and salads and they are planned after an initial consultation 

Meals ideas:

*Stir fried crunchy veggies & tofu on brown rice, topped with nuts, seeds & herbs

*Vegan egg salad with bell peppers, sundried tomatoes, olives, raw veggies, vegan grated parmesan cheese

Hummus with Basil Leaves

Veggie feast

A meal plan where you are filled with an amazing selection of vegetables (grilled, stuffed, raw, marinated) including delicious wholegrain salads, dips and sauces, dumplings, tacos.....a feast for the senses

Meals ideas: 

*Stuffed oven roasted bell peppers served with salad

*Grilled aubergines layered with vegan cheese served with salad

*Hummus & vegetables

Roasted Zuccini
pizza veg.jpg

From the menu

Chose your meals from the cooked or raw menu

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