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Online course

Accredited by Yoga Alliance

Online 200 Hours YTT

Study at your own pace

Join live classes & follow pre-recorded classes


















​Become a 200 hours Yoga Alliance instructor by participating in this online

course led via zoom. Learn traditional Hatha Yoga, philosophy, anatomy, meditation, pranayma, prenatal, children & elderly yoga, as well as how to deal with injuries and most common ailments.

Classes are live and also recorded, so that if you cannot make it to some classes, you have the option to do them in your own time.


The 200 hours course led by Simona is via zoom

* live streaming Zoom classes

* self study

*Join live classes & follow recordings at your own pace

*Have access to over 100 online classes

*Teach other students via Zoom or in person and submit

video of 3 classes you teach

*Submit videos of your own practice

***Each theory class has a test to be submitted for your certification

*** Take the course at your own pace***

The training can be completed by attending live classes and by following pre-recorded classes.



What is Hatha yoga ?
Principles of Hatha Yoga
Explanation of Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha (Practice & Benefits)

Different types of breathing
Definition of Prana
Science of the breath (Prana, Apana, Udyana, Samana, Vijana)
Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadi
Pranayama practices: Abdominal breathing, Full Yogic Breath, Kapalabhati, Nadi Shodan, Bramhari Pranayama

Surya Namaskar (Different variations)
Basic Postures (Standing, Sitting, Back bends, Inversions, Twist, Arm balance Postures)
Asana Variations (from Intermediate to Advanced)
Body Alignment
Yoga Nidra

​Also: Yoga for pregnancy, Yoga for children, Yoga for elderly

Explanation and importance of Mudra  according  to Hatha Yoga
Types  of Mudra
Practice of Jnana & Chin Mudra
Physical, Mental and spiritual Benefits of Mudra

Explanation of Bandha
Different types of Bandhas and practice

What is Meditation
Difference between Dharana and Dyhana
Types of meditation
Breathing Meditation
Mantra Meditation
Walking Meditation

Definition of sleep and benefits
The 3 states of consciousness
What is Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra Practices

What is Yoga ?
History of Yoga
Types of yoga
The five kosha (bodies)
Explanation of Self-realization and liberation
Explanation of consciousness
Eight limbs of Yoga
​Bhagavad Gita

What is Yogic Anatomy and physiology?
The systems of the body
Effects of Asana and Pranayama on the body systems
Know the basic studies and  types of joints to avoid injury during Asana classes
Diet and Nutrition

Practicing Asana correctly
Front, side and back bending
The use of props
Various style of Asana and their benefits
Contra-indications of specific yoga practices
Yoga Therapy

Introduction and practice of Kriyas according to classical Hatha Yoga

Introduction of Mantra yoga
Importance of (OM)-AUM

Explanation of the 7 main chakras
How chakras work physically and emotionally
Asana & Pranayama for each chakra
Chakra meditation



In addition to live stream and recorded videos, you will receive theory and practice PDF resources

Techniques, Training, Practice

Asana, pranayama & meditation. Includes daily practice of hatha yoga. Also includes detailed analysis of poses for correct form and alignment.

Anatomy & Physiology

Principles of tension & compression & working with different body types.

Respiratory, muscular, skeletal and subtle nadi and chakra systems. 


Yoga Studies

History, philosophy, ethics and classical texts including Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Bhagavad Gita.


Teaching Essentials

Teaching methodology & teaching practice. Students will design and teach 3  90 minute class followed by detailed feedback.

Students must teach each other via zoom and record themselves teaching 3 classes (group or private) and send the recordings to Marga Yoga where they will be reviewed and discussed with the student

Students have to pass all assignments for theory classes in order to complete the course.

Live classes take place on Saturday (timings to be arranged according to time zones)


Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate accredited by Yoga Alliance which will allow to register as a Yoga teacher.


10,000 THB  booking fee to be paid upon booking

Transactions are made through Strip or Wise

Please inquire

Balance to be paid two weeks before the course starting date

***Please note: the training must be paid in full before the course starting date***




No refund given on online courses

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